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OWHA Environmental Ltd | Recycling & Waste Management Experts

Achieve Zero To Landfill

Welcome to OWHA Environmental Limited.

OWHA is here to guide you on your recycling and waste management journey, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero to landfill. In the process, reducing the financial burden of waste on your company by optimising recycling revenue. The most important factor of all, helping look after the environment for future generations, looking after tomorrow, today. 

Years Of Experience

Improve Your Company’s Efficiency

Qualified to help improve your company’s efficiency through the control of waste, water and chemical usage.  This is enabled by years of hands-on experience and technical manufacturing knowledge.

Lower your company’s carbon footprint 
Go zero to landfill
Make recycling work for you

OWHA Environmental Ltd | Recycling & Waste Management Experts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

A Hands On Approach To managing your environmental needs

Waste and recycling stream lining reports

Broker the best deals for waste and helping to generate an income

Arrange collections

Target zero to landfill

Identify areas where waste can be reduced

Monitor chemical usage and CIP efficiency

Create closed recycling loops

Put systems in place to collect, segregate and process waste

Micro and chemical testing and sampling on water supplies, boreholes, springs and wells, via UKAS Accredited Labs

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How Can We Help Your Business?

Plastic remains one of the very best packaging solutions known to man, what OWHA would like to do is to get companies to get the most out of their recycling and along the way reducing, reusing, recycling! Start looking after tomorrow, today.
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Advice & Guidance

We’re on hand to provide your business advice on equipment & training.

Waste Transfer

Traceable and documented waste transfer, ensuring paperwork is correct.

Hands On Approach

Our team have a hands-on approach to managing your environmental needs.

The Best Deals

Brokering the best deals for waste and helping to generate you an income.

A few words from Allen

Join The Recycling Revolution

The journey to OWHA has been a long and interesting one my working life started in Agriculture, dairy farming to be precise, but the passions were stirred when organic farming came to the forefront. Life took a few twists and turns and a career in water treatment developed, which lead to the technical side of the food and beverage industry! These are industries that have Borne the brunt of the plastic revolution and now what I would call the plastic rebellion.